China revises oath of allegiance for officials

China's top legislature Saturday adopted a revised oath of allegiance to the Constitution taken by state functionaries, which adds adjectives of "great", "modern" and "beautiful" to describe "a socialist country."


19th CPC Natioinal Congress

The Communist Party of China (CPC) is ready to hold its 19th National Congress this month, when new guidelines will be issued to further develop socialism with Chinese characteristics.

The 9th BRICS Summit in Xiamen

China will host the Ninth BRICS Summit in September in Xiamen.

China marks 90th birthday of People's Liberation Army

The PLA has the confidence and capability to defeat all invading enemies and safeguard China's national sovereignty, security and development interests

President Xi visits Russia, Germany, attends G20 summit

Xi will pay state visits to Russia and Germany from July 3 to 6, and attend the 12th G20 summit in Hamburg on July 7 and 8.

World Intelligence Congress

WIC2017, the highest standard and first international AI convention in China, serves as a cooperation and exchange platform for global experts and officials, industry giants and entrepreneurs.

President Xi visits Kazakhstan and attends SCO

From June 7 to 10, Xi will pay a state visit to Kazakhstan, attend the 17th meeting of the SCO Council of Heads of State and the opening ceremony of the World Expo in Astana.

Living a dream in China

Global leadership network: Belting the rich culture and heritage of music between the world and China

China urges halt of THAAD deployment in ROK

China is firmly opposed to the deployment and strongly urges the US and ROK to halt the process.



Major tunnel of HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge completed

A bridge linking Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao has moved a step closer to official opening, with a major tunnel project fully completed Saturday.The bridge will slash travel time between Hong Kong and Zhuhai from three hours to just 30 minutes, further integrating cities in the Pearl River Delta.


Lhasa puts 128 new gas-electric hybrid buses on road

Lhasa has put 128 new gas-electric hybrid buses on the road at the beginning of this year, making the number of new-energy buses to 312, or 60 percent of the city's public bus fleet,local authorities said Friday.


Bulgaria issues postage stamp on Chinese New Year

The postage stamp had a circulation of 3,600, and cost 0.65 Bulgarian lev (some 0.41 U.S. dollars), Daneshki said at the validation ceremony attended by hundreds of philatelists eager to buy a copy.


When spring comes

A bee flies near plum flowers in Yuehu park in Ningbo, east China's Zhejiang Province, Feb. 23, 2018. Plum trees here entered blossom season, attracting numerous tourists.


Lantern fair held to celebrate Lunar New Year across China

People visit a lantern fair in Sancheng Village of Zhuozhou, north China's Hebei Province, Feb. 22, 2018. A lantern fair was held here to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.


Improved rural roads in China's Yunnan facilitate traveling, economic growth

Photo shows bridge and road in Hekou Township of Xundian Hui and Yi Autonomous County, southwest China's Yunnan Province. The improvement of rural roads in Xundian Hui and Yi Autonomous County facilitates people's traveling and contributes to rural economic development.

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